New hearts

The new heart designs are coming on well. I’ve got to the stage where I’m ready to sew around the edges of the fabric for each heart. I think these ones will be square-ish!!

The first heart cushion

From the post yesterday, I printed the elements for each cushion out and have put one of them together tonight. One of the issues I came across is that the light blue fabric with stars on that I used as the backing fabric frays a lot! I’m not sure the finished cushion has the effect I was looking for! Back to the drawing board me finks!

My heart designs

I wanted to come up with an alternative to the heart design I used on my second tote bag without searching images on Google. The idea being to create a heart cushion.

There are two typefaces in Illustrator that include a treble clef. I wanted to use a standard heart shape. I played about with the composition using the Pathfinder tool and shape mode: Minus front. This makes everything outside of the heart disappear and everything within the heart merge and become transparent.

I had the idea of maybe making a set of cushions rather than just one because I really liked the composition and the idea of having a treble clef on the left, right and in the middle seemed quite appealing.

I created three designs (ima. 3 in orange), there were little sections where I didn’t think were quite right so I changed them slightly (to the blue hearts). I liked the two hearts together in the outline so I put the three hearts together and did some experimenting with colour.

Daisy cushion

After my sewing class Thursday night, I thought I’d make a cushion from the daisy fabric I bought the other day. It turned out ok, I’m not that happy with it mainly because some of the parts of it aren’t able to be filled properly. This is daisy cushion attempt one!!

Music note wallpapers

I suppose what is meant by a “wallpaper” is an image you could use as your desktop image. These images were also on the Google search. I’m not sure what I would do with them, but I quite like them as they are!

New fabric…

On Wednesday I went and had a look in Sew Crafty fabric shop in Southport. I’ve never been in there before, but the shop was mentioned at my sewing class a couple of weeks ago. It’s a really nice shop for fabrics. It had a pile of fabric that was half price which I looked through… I found some really nice fabrics, I bought these for just under £10.

Music notes Christmas tree

I know Christmas has been and gone, but I thought this image is really clever. It was on the same Google search for “music notes image” and it’s a Christmas tree made of musical notes.

Heart designs

As I was looking on my Google search for an image to use on my tote bag I came across a few images I found quite interesting…

I think pareidolia applies to the middle image, because this image doesn’t show an actual heart. I love the idea of creating images of something that is unrelated to what is actually creating the image. It is very clever.


The imagined perception of a meaningful pattern in something that is random or indefinite.

The perception of a recognizable image or meaningful pattern where none exists or is intended.