Tea towel bag

I like to create bags from everyday items. Here I have used two tea towels, some denim and a section of a pillow case.

The tea towels I used were bought as a pack of two. I kept them together using one for the outside and the other for the inside. The inside pocket was made using part of a grey pillow case. The denim was from a jacket.

Denim dress/NYC bag

I bought the denim dress from a supermarket. I bought the new york city t-shirt when I visited New York mid 2016 and wasn’t sure what to do with it, I knew I didn’t want to wear it! I created a tote bag using the dress, t-shirt and one other fabric. (photo of the bag to follow)

Denim jacket bag

I bought this denim jacket from a supermarket and decided to create a bag out of it. I used the flowery fabric as the lining of the bag, which I added an inside pocket to. I used the bottom strip of the jacket as the strap. I sewed the front of the jacket down where the buttons are to create the front of the bag, and then put it all together (photo to follow).

The pier and the sea

These are some photos I’ve taken of the pier and beach. It’s quite nice to see the sea and take photos as I don’t see it very often. The gulls are the bonus photo!

Flower photos

For these photos I was trying out the focus using the camera on my phone…


If it’s a nice day I love to take photos for the sky.

These are the most recent photos of the sky that I have captured…