Alliums and other flowers

There were all sorts of different flowers at the Flower Show. Here are a small selection of some of the flowers I like.

Rotten Row flowers

These photos were taken down Rotten Row in Southport. On that road there is a long stretch of flowerbeds which are maintained by volunteers.

More flowers

These were taken using my mobile phone… a selection of flowers in my garden.


These are all Cornflowers from my garden… The bees love them!

Garden Flowers 2

Recent photos of flowers…

Garden Flowers 1

Recent photos of flowers… These were taken using a mobile phone

These are the same flowers, but the photos were taken using a Finepix S1000 camera

Garden Photos

These photos were taken on a mobile phone using a telescope attachment…

Flower photos

For these photos I was trying out the focus using the camera on my phone…