Music note wallpapers

I suppose what is meant by a “wallpaper” is an image you could use as your desktop image. These images were also on the Google search. I’m not sure what I would do with them, but I quite like them as they are!

Music notes Christmas tree

I know Christmas has been and gone, but I thought this image is really clever. It was on the same Google search for “music notes image” and it’s a Christmas tree made of musical notes.

Heart designs

As I was looking on my Google search for an image to use on my tote bag I came across a few images I found quite interesting…

I think pareidolia applies to the middle image, because this image doesn’t show an actual heart. I love the idea of creating images of something that is unrelated to what is actually creating the image. It is very clever.


The imagined perception of a meaningful pattern in something that is random or indefinite.

The perception of a recognizable image or meaningful pattern where none exists or is intended.

Create your own… tote bag 2

Today (Wednesday!) I decided to put a design on the second tote bag that was provided in the “sew your own tote bag” kit I got for Waterstones a while ago.

I made a start on Tuesday, looking at images I could make from fabric to put on the bag. Eventually I did a Google search on “music notes images” and came across a treble clef inside a heart, an interesting image.

I put the image into Illustrator and created an image I could edit and have as an outline. Then I increased the size to about 12″ x 12″ (inches) and printed it out. The canvas material is thin enough to be able to trace over the card, so that was the next thing I did with a pencil. I printed the design out twice on card so I could create templates for each piece. I cut out the fabric and ironed it into place (using double sided fusible tape). I used a zig zag stitch (3.0 stitch width and 0.8 stitch length) to applique the design onto the bag.