Heart cushions…

My heart cushions are now complete!

On the cushion with the treble clef in the middle of the heart, my ladder stitch needs work! I think I stuffed it a little too much so when I came to sew the ladder stitch the edge went all lumpy. The other two cushions are sewn up quite well.

Sewing class: Messenger bag…

After five weeks the Messenger Bag is coming on really well, and actually starting to look like a proper bag! The only things left to do are the inside lining, binding around the top and to attach the strap.

Here is what it looks like so far…

If you would like to join a sewing class run by Plum’s Stuff check out this link: here

New drawstring bag completed

I followed the plan…

I always seem to have a problem with the size of the fabric. When the pieces are cut out they are the same size, but when they are sewn together they change! This wasn’t that much of a problem thankfully!

New drawstring bag

The vision I had for my new drawstring bag was to sew each section together as I went (outside 1 to inside 1 then the same with 2), then sew the two together. It was a disaster!!

Then I thought it wouldn’t have worked anyway because the four ends of the drawstring sections were all open. The objective was to only have one side open, because that is what went off with the first attempt!

With some more thought… I came to the idea of putting the bag together like I would a tote bag. SO… the first thing is instead of having four separate sides, have two sides double width and fold it in half when I come to sew it together. The second thing is to have the top outside section larger than the inside section and fold it over and sew around the top edge.

One of the things I have to be really spot on with are the measurements to make sure that both sides (apart from the one top section) are exactly the same size… that’s the plan anyhow!

Drawstring bag

I was looking for things to make and I came across this sewing blog: Threading My Way and a tutorial for a drawstring bag.

I had a go at making the bag…

The main difficulty I had was when I attached the lining to the main bag around the drawstring section (blue rose fabric). For some reason the two sections together don’t match up correctly at the drawstring openings.

What is different from the tutorial are the dimensions that I’ve used for my bag, they are: (cut 2 of each) 4″ x 10″ top, 2″ x 10″ drawstring section, 8″ x 10″ bottom, 14″ x 10″ lining (measurements in inches).

New heart cushion

Following on from the post “New hearts”, this is the first new heart cushion I have finished… it’s filled with hollowfibre filling and I’ve used the ladder stitch to close the gap. It’s not shown on this image but for the back I used a different shade of blue – fat quarter, cut to the size (slightly bigger) of 12″ by 13″ (inches).

New hearts

The new heart designs are coming on well. I’ve got to the stage where I’m ready to sew around the edges of the fabric for each heart. I think these ones will be square-ish!!

The first heart cushion

From the post yesterday, I printed the elements for each cushion out and have put one of them together tonight. One of the issues I came across is that the light blue fabric with stars on that I used as the backing fabric frays a lot! I’m not sure the finished cushion has the effect I was looking for! Back to the drawing board me finks!

My heart designs

I wanted to come up with an alternative to the heart design I used on my second tote bag without searching images on Google. The idea being to create a heart cushion.

There are two typefaces in Illustrator that include a treble clef. I wanted to use a standard heart shape. I played about with the composition using the Pathfinder tool and shape mode: Minus front. This makes everything outside of the heart disappear and everything within the heart merge and become transparent.

I had the idea of maybe making a set of cushions rather than just one because I really liked the composition and the idea of having a treble clef on the left, right and in the middle seemed quite appealing.

I created three designs (ima. 3 in orange), there were little sections where I didn’t think were quite right so I changed them slightly (to the blue hearts). I liked the two hearts together in the outline so I put the three hearts together and did some experimenting with colour.

Daisy cushion

After my sewing class Thursday night, I thought I’d make a cushion from the daisy fabric I bought the other day. It turned out ok, I’m not that happy with it mainly because some of the parts of it aren’t able to be filled properly. This is daisy cushion attempt one!!